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Lafayette and surrounding area's irrigation service experts!

                               Mission Statement:                                    At Premier Irrigation Services we are dedicated to the integrity of service. Our vision is to exceed every customers expectations. Specialized sprinkler skills combined with genuine customer care equate to be an unparalleled investment in your landscape. Get a quality professional experience with Premier Irrigation Service that creates a trust you can feel.

Top Rated Irrigation Services in the Lafayette area 


Spring Activation, Backflow Testing, Mid-Season Inspections, Winterizations, Trouble shooting, Repair, Tuneups and more....

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Spring Activation 

Kick off the season right

Our service technicians are on hand to make sure your irrigation system activation is not only cost effective, but that it’s efficiently conserving water, too.
1. Check Performance of all valves and sprinkler heads.                      2. Run system to check irrigation coverage.                                          3. Make all adjustments as needed.                                                       4. Reprogram irrigation controller. * upon request*                          
Tip: March to May Is the Ideal Time for Spring Activation

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Backflow Testing

* Required by all Indiana water purveyors*

Our state certified backflow technicians are ready to test your irrigation systems device. Once the test is complete we take care of all the paper work, keeping your experience worry free.

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Mid - Season Inspection (Optional) 

Maximize your system's performance with a Mid-Season Inspection. Our mid-season service includes a thorough sprinkler system check up to make sure your system is operating optimally. (The same procedure will be followed as is performed for a Spring Activation.)

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Prevent your sprinkler system’s pipes from freeze damage during the frigid winter months by winterizing your sprinkler system before it’s too late. Premier Irrigation Services winterization service includes: Draining all water from pipes and associated components. Blowing out all pipes, valves, sprinkler heads and associated components with an air compressor. Checking for and documenting needed repairs. Shutting controller off and unplugging. All the necessary components to make sure your system is worry free of any potential freeze damage.

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Got sprinkler questions? We’ve got answers. Diagnostic skills and critical thinking are our technicians most valued assets. Whether it be a mind-boggling mess or a minor repair, we’re prepared to propose logical solutions. Commonly resolved issues include: Controller/Wiring Issues, Leaks, Dry Spots, Pressure Issues, Standing Water, Drip Irrigation, Unusually High Water Bill, and Valves/Head Not Activating. Years of experience, advanced technology, and determination give technicians the edge over any sprinkler problem

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Our technicians are prepared for any, and all irrigation issues. No matter how difficult, or how minuscule your sprinkler problems may be, we’ve got solutions. Excelling at: Valve Replacement, Leak Detection/Repair, Head Replacement, Valve Manifold Repair/Rebuild, Wire Repair, Timer Repair/Replacement, Troubleshooting, and Customer Education. Immediate service is offered in the event of an emergency.

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Tuning up existing systems is our specialty! First, technicians discuss with clients their goals. Next, we perform a thorough assessment of the entire irrigation system, during which technicians document any equipment in need of repair/replacement. Tuneup’s consist of, but are not limited to: Efficiency Improvement, Dry Spot Eradication, Overspray Reduction, Sprinkler/Valve Repair, Timer Reprogramming/Replacement, Troubleshooting, and Customer Education. Our passion is bringing your landscape back to life.

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Happy Customers

Quality Customer Care is our top priority. We do not look forward to closing deals, we look forward to opening relationships. Our trained professionals are punctual, polite, and personable, with a great attitude. We are proud to provide exceptional customer care with real customer value.

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Annual Service Agreement

Signing a Annual Service Agreement will ensure dependable, worry-free service. All Premier Irrigation customers with a signed service agreement receive automatic service scheduling, preferential service call scheduling and early pre-pay discount opportunities. Along with addition incentive bonus's through out the year. Call or text (765) 605-3777 today to get a estimate for your Annual Service Agreement price.

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Who We Are

We are Sprinkler Technicians who take pride in their diagnostic skills, trained to leave no dry lawn behind.  Technicians who will not cease until the optimal precipitation rate for your landscape has been reached. We believe an unhappy lawn is an unhappy customer, which are both unacceptable to our quality professionals.

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